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🍫✨ In a special corner of Ølgod, where beer dreams intertwine with world flavors, our director, Mads Rademacher @madsrademacher , has returned from a magical journey to the lands of Venezuela, carrying culinary treasures: panela and pure cacao. 🇻🇪💖

This journey translates into a unique beer experience. The magic begins in the heart of our brewery, where Venezuelan panela and pure cacao meet Ølgod’s brewing art.

Inspired by the rich flavors of these distant lands, we are creating an Imperial Stout like no other.

💫 Panela and Pure Cocoa

With each sip, you’ll immerse yourself in Mads’s passion for craft beer and his respect for quality ingredients. Panela brings a rich, earthy sweetness, while pure cocoa, directly from Venezuelan lands, adds layers of complexity with notes of pure chocolate.

🌍 A Sensory Journey

Every drop of this Imperial Stout is a direct passage to cocoa fields, capturing the very essence of Venezuela. The fusion of these carefully selected ingredients becomes a celebration of flavor diversity, transporting you across borders to an exquisite corner of the beer world.

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